Saturday, May 23, 2015

SEO Every Blog Should Have

In today’s blogging world, we have seen many blogs, and both new and old bloggers are very busy improving the visibility of their blogs on search engines so that they can get more organic traffic through SEO. Some of them are using premium and some are using free SEO plugin for this. Some of them are using combinations of plugins to improve their website SEO and some of them are building backlinks.

Yes, we all agree with this that these are also  essential parts of building a blog but they are of no use until your blog has good content, a good design and other basic things.
Doing search engine optimization for your blog is a little time consuming and it is a step by step process, you just have to focus on your blog with all dedication. Lots of bloggers achieve their goals in terms of traffic but they may not be giving enough attention to other parts of their website or blog so to speak. So, today we are going to tell you some of the buildings blocks of a blog which are essential to our sites.

1. Author Biography
Author biography is must because most readers check the author bio after reading the content. We have seen many websites in which there is no gravatar image as well as no author bio. Having an author bio is a must to get the author popularity in Search Engine as well as in the blogging world. Google Authorship must also be implemented.

2. Archives
Many people like to see the archives of the blog first before reading the content. I also do so because some people analyze the website first trying to determine when the website wass started, how many posts got published in the previous month and how many posts the site turns out in a week. By seeing the archives, we can see the performance of a website and a lot of readers want to see this.

3. Footer
The Footer is also one of the main things for a blog. For a professional looking blog, we can mention certain of things like latest post, top comments, most visited post, about author box, Alexa Rank widgets etc.

4. Search Box
Search box helps your visitors to search the content on your site for that which they are looking for. You can place search box either in header of the site or at the top-right corner where it is clearly visible.
We recommend you to place the search box at the top.

5. About me (Page)
This page  is definitely visited by many your readers and bloggers like you. We even visit the about me page to know the background of a site and the owner. This page helps to inspire the other bloggers and it helps your readers to know you better. It’s important to create a good about me page by sharing your views regarding your life and your website.

6. Contact Me (page)
This is also one of the important page which is required in the website. Sometimes, a reader wants to give you a suggestion or an advertiser wants to publish his or her ads on your website and the absence of an about page clearly states you don’t want to be contacted. Apart from having your email on this page, having a contact form on there is advised.

7. RSS feed
Some of your readers like your content and want to know about the most recent updates so they can subscribe to it. For this reason, RSS Feed is must.

8. Share buttons
Many times, readers like your content and they just want to share it. For this reason, sharing buttons after each post is a must. It can’t be disputed that social media brings lots of traffic to a website. This is one of the best way you can promote your business or blog.
Also, people should be able to connect with your on social networks and a Facebook like box with a Twitter follow button is important.

9. Readable Fonts
The font format used for articles on your blog must be readable. Don’t use too much fancy type fonts, it shouldn’t be too small, it must be big and readable but not ridiculously large. Moderation is the keyword.

10. Related posts
What do you expect readers to do when they finish reading an article? Close the tab? No, there should be related posts below each post as this keeps your readers engaged on your blog and reduce bounce rate.

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