Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Have you suffered in the past from SCS? Stalled Cycler Syndrome?  X100K is a new breed of matrix system that is changing the cycler landscape forever. The exclusive RRS feature allows X100K to provide a lifetime of income for members - the system's layout and safeguards are innovative, cutting-edge and pure genius. Earn a free position just by logging in - and you will see for yourself that the tables have turned and X100K really is the next "Big Thing".  You can even earn a free position just by logging in to the website. Are you ready to hear more?CLICK HERE to gain access,review the site and register today plus access to a FREE ebook download

Take the next exit to the freeway...the Free Way Matrix that is. That's your first step on the road to riches. X100K is here - and over 5000 members joined in the first 3 weeks. Earn your no-cost position in the latest and most technically advanced matrix program the world has ever seen. A substantial life income, earned from a cycler, is finally a reality...don't miss grabbing your position in this no-risk opportunity called...X100K.
What were an experienced marketer?
What were a mathematics wiz?
What were sick of the common folks not getting a fair shake?
You would do exactly what Michael Weber has done...create an unstoppable matrix system.

X100K is a cutting-edge program that fits any budget and will provide you with a king's ransom. Earn your position just by logging into the X100K site every day, or go "all in" right away on launch day if you have the funds. Either way leads you to a financially free life. This program places you into a $100,000 matrix - over and over...and it CANNOT be stopped. You must join today.

Forget what you've been accustomed to. Forget past failures and disappointments. X100K is here to shed a whole new light on your Internet success, as well as your bank account. The first matrix program designed to essentially eliminate any chance of stalling, stopping or failing. The safeguards are firmly in place. You can even earn a free position just by logging in to the website. Are you ready to hear more?CLICK HERE to gain access,review the site and register today plus access to a FREE ebook download.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Not already a TRAFFIC MARKETPLACE member?CLICK HERE To register FREE and receive access to 
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We have added PRO downloads on the site
Some of these products that will be available to PRO MEMBERS after launch you can see here via screenshot by Lightshot CLICK HERE

Pro download section will be filled up every time when we find some interesting software that can help you build Traffic Marketplace or any other online business you are doing.

You can become PRO member with ONE TIME  PAYMENT of 24,99 USD. Payments can be made with Neteller, Payza or with commissions you have earned for your promotional efforts.

But download section is not all that pro members will have. Here are some more features you will get with PRO membership:
5 Second timer
10% of credits earned by direct referrals
5% of credits earned by indirect referrals
Add up to 20 sites, banners and text ads.
Weekly bonus credits from circle pool for 100 surfed sites
20 Banner impressions per credit
25 Text impressions per credit
Max number of sites 20
Max number of banners 20
Max number of text 20
Random referrals
3000 Bonus credits
10 000 Bonus banner impressions
20 000 Bonus text impressions
10% Commissions on referral purchases from company packages
Revenue share from company traffic sales
Ability to sell traffic (in version 2)

Welcome to all new members! Our Facebook page is CLICK HERE  to visit our facebook page.
Join us there to see all daily updates!

 STAY TUNED!!More great news coming soon 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 X100K Matrix System Review
  I am excited to share this Awesome opportunity with you, as everyone who has purchased a Pro position is already earning, including myself. I don’t believe in promote an opportunity unless I am earning in that opportunity myself.
  I am writing this X100K Matrix System review especially for newbies who are looking for a way of earning money without any experience.
  This is definitely not a scam like so many so called opportunities out there and I urge you to do your due diligence.
  I totally understand your fear of cyclers. I have joined them only to have them stall and leave you with disappointment and failure. When I hear cycler, I usually run the other way.
  Well let me introduce you to Michael Weber, a mathematical genius and a trendsetter with the ability and knowledge to create a sustainable model.
  His first successful cycler, Xtreme Cash Box, is alive and well and running strong.
With that success under his belt, his latest cutting-edge opportunity being called “The Next Big Thing”, is creating excitement and sweeping the internet is changing the way cyclers work.
  X100K Matrix System has been designed to create an income for you for a lifetime. You really owe it to yourself to take a look.
  Amazingly, X100K Matrix System fits everyone’s budget. Even if you are flat broke, you can earn an entry just by joining for FREE and logging in.

If you are a free member, you will earn .02 cents a day.
 When you have earned .50 cents you can purchase a Free Way Matrix position. How is that for no money out of your pocket?

Remember, I said this will fit everyone’s budget? Here are the available positions.

Free Member -$0


Earn 0.50 By Logging in 25 days!

Then Purchase a Free Way Matrix Position!

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

Total: FREE! Earn enough to Purchase a Positions every 25 days you log in!

Pro Starter -$7.00


Your First Weeks Subscription

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

Total: $7.00 For Deposit. Your subscription is $7.00 per week.

Pro Affiliate -$32.50


The Smart Plan, to Earn $100,000.. Be in the X100K $100,000 Matrix

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

• $25.00    =1 X100K $100,000 Matrix Position

Total: $32.50 For Deposit. Your Subscription is $7.00 per week.

Pro Marketer -$105.00
1 Entry to All Matrix’

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

• $72.50    =1 Pro Membership Matrix -Scavenger Position

• $25.00    =1 X100K $100,000 Matrix Position

Total: $105.00 For Deposit. Your subscription is $7.00 per week

Max Purchase Pro -$411.50
Maximum 1 Day Purchase to All Matrix’

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Positions

• $21.00    =3 Pro Membership Subscriptions

• $290.00  =4 Pro Membership Matrix -Scavenger Positions

• $100.00  =4 X100K $100,000 Matrix Positions

Total: $411.50 For Deposit. All Subscriptions are $7.00 each per week.

  Pro Positions are for life. Once you have signed up for $7.00 a week, you are a pro member forever. Even if you don’t pay your subscription, the position stays in place and earns on it’s own…it will cover your subscription automatically.
  Your subscription will ALWAYS be covered with earnings, and positions that never end assuring the system will always keep moving.
  Multiple Positions: Re-entries upon matrix filling keeps providing additional new positions for every member. This means that actual matrix positions will far outnumber the member count…an ingenious idea, which is the first of its kind.
  Michael Weber’s brainchild – the RRS retention system, has many other features in place that will keep X100K Matrix System running smoothly for years to come and will provide an unbelievable life income for it’s members.
  Believe me you will be kicking yourself if you don’t take advantage of this one!


Are you ready to finally earn the income You deserve? This program is designed
for everybody regardless of experience or budget. All members have the opportunity
to earn significant amounts of income. You can't fail here!!
When is the last time that someone gave you something free that
will earn you a very nice income up to $100K?
  I won't go into a lot of detail here because you can register right now
at no charge and look over the program yourself.
If you like what you see, you can start earning right now .
19,000+ members (and counting) worldwide have already joined and STARTED EARNING!!
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Step 1 - Join x100K
Step 2 - Log in daily, view 2 ads, earn two $0.02
Earn your free position in just 25 days

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company? 
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected.
Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! 

Q: Can I purchase Advertising with out Upgrading? 
A: Yes! We have Website views, banner and Text packages available. 

Q: What forms of payment do you have? 
A: We have several processor companies that provide secure services. Including Solid Trust Pay, Payza, and Payeer and Bitcoin 

Q: Do I have to refer members to earn? 
A: No! We offer a substantial affiliate opportunity to our members, without requiring them to recruit or refer other members. 

Q: What Products do you offer? 
A: We offer advertising in the form of Website views, Banner impressions and Text ad impressions. In the future we will offer other products, such as digital downloads, digital software, and ebooks for our members to purchase. 

Q: How much is it to become an X100K affiliate? 
A: Our affiliate program is $7.00 per week and includes Banner and text impressions with each subscription. 
CLICK HERE To get started today!
 Make the decision to change your life forever. Jump in and secure your spot NOW! DO NOT MISS THIS! This is the Life Changing Opportunity you have been looking for. A NO EXCUSE System!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


FREE Facebook autoposter just for signing up!  Register FREE today CLICK HERE





To get started and enjoy our free website traffic, click Sites in the menu . Add your site's name and the url, and click "Add". Our security system will immediately test it, and if approved, you can start advertising it at once!

Free members must Auto-assign at least 80% of the credits they earn, and PRO member must auto-assign at least 50%. All members, regardless OF membership level, with credits allocated to their sites will receive an equal number of hits.

To add a banner, click the Banner tab above. The "Image" is the url where we find your 468x60 picture, and the "Target" is where you want visitors to go when they click it.

To add a text ad, click the Text Ads tab. The "Text" is what other surfers will see, make it catchy or fun! The "Target" is where you want visitors to go when they click it.

You can convert credits gathered in surf to banner or text ads, on their respective page. Free members get 15 text ads or 10 banners per 1 credit, PRO members get 25 text ads or 20 banners per 1 credit.


A captcha will come up randomly as you surf. There is a pop up, then you will see pictures of 5 simple items, and you will be given instructions on which one to drag and drop into an area next to the pictures. After this, you will be notified that it was correct, and given a prize - if it was correct, that is. If you fail too many times, your account will be auto-suspended as it is then considered as you do not pay attention to surfing, or use a bot.

If you are having problems with the captcha, clear cookies and cache from your computer. It could also be plugins and extensions in your browser, or your version of Java that makes you unable to get to the next page or getting incorrect answers. If you've tried clearing, removing and updating all these things and it still doesn't work, contact us. Do not keep trying to bypass it, as it will auto-suspend you eventually. If your account is suspended because of this, we will restore it as soon as we are available.

Referrals, Earning and Promoting

You can earn money from Traffic Marketplace by having Referrals. When they purchase upgrade, you will receive a commission. To get referrals, use your Affiliate Link or promote any of the tools in the Affiliate toolbox. Email ads, splash pages, text links or banners - they all have your referral ID attached to them. You can see from which site your referrals have signed up, and what splash page or promo item they clicked to join (referrals prior to August 26 2014 will not have this information).

You will never lose any of your referrals. They are never removed from our site, so even if they are inactive for a year or more and then become active again, you will still benefit from them. (So only if they delete account you will lose them)

Downline Mailer

You can email all your referrals at the same time, by clicking "Email All" under the Referrals menu. This is very handy if you want to share news about Traffic Marketplace, or even or gifts with your referrals. Perhaps you want to give the inactive ones an incentive to get back to surfing, and sometimes a Downline mailer can help with that. PRO members can mail every 5 days, Free members every 14 days.

Social profile

If you want a picture on your profile, register at Gravatar (picture of yourself or something else) with the same email address you used to register at Traffic Marketplace, upload a picture and rate it. The picture will show up automatically after a few minutes.

Only ten days left in Prelaunch!CLICK HERE NOW TO REGISTER FREE TODAY!!!