Sunday, September 28, 2014


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We have added PRO downloads on the site
Some of these products that will be available to PRO MEMBERS after launch you can see here via screenshot by Lightshot CLICK HERE

Pro download section will be filled up every time when we find some interesting software that can help you build Traffic Marketplace or any other online business you are doing.

You can become PRO member with ONE TIME  PAYMENT of 24,99 USD. Payments can be made with Neteller, Payza or with commissions you have earned for your promotional efforts.

But download section is not all that pro members will have. Here are some more features you will get with PRO membership:
5 Second timer
10% of credits earned by direct referrals
5% of credits earned by indirect referrals
Add up to 20 sites, banners and text ads.
Weekly bonus credits from circle pool for 100 surfed sites
20 Banner impressions per credit
25 Text impressions per credit
Max number of sites 20
Max number of banners 20
Max number of text 20
Random referrals
3000 Bonus credits
10 000 Bonus banner impressions
20 000 Bonus text impressions
10% Commissions on referral purchases from company packages
Revenue share from company traffic sales
Ability to sell traffic (in version 2)

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