Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 Important Tips For Starting An Internet Business

#1 You will not get rich quick.

Do not believe what you read in the hyped up websites and sales copy that are trying to sell you a business opportunity of some sort, it will take time to sell your product or service. Your customers need to find you, so make sure you have a plan so that they find you. When  they are interested in your offer, make sure it is persuasive and you have credibility. Fill your pipeline, keep advertising and know that it will take time to get the sales rolling in. Once the sales start coming in continue your marketing campaign. Just like the saying goes a force in motion, remains in motion!

#2 Setting up your website might be time consuming

If you have to create a website, you will have to learn html, find a web host and use templates to create your website. To save time (but not money) you could contact a web designer to build the website for you. Otherwise get ready to learn a new skill, like I did. The good news is it to less than a week for me to learn the basics and get a website going. There are many web hosts that offer website templates. Just fill in your info. But, what are you going to say? I recommend that you write out your web design on paper or in microsoft word. Then fill in your template. Have your friends and family check it out to make sure it looks ok. Then publish and your in business.

#3 Does the affiliate program provide your considering provide a free website?

Your in luck if they do. Now it is just a matter of marketing. Double check with the person in charge of your affiliate program to see if there might be a hosting fee in the future. With affiliate programs I suggest you learn about cloaking your affiliate URL. This will protect your profits. You can learn about cloaking by search the term in Google. If your an experienced webmaster ask if you can customize you affiliate website. Sometimes, depending on the program, they will not tell you about that.

#4 Set up a budget.

Know up front how much you are prepared to invest in your online business venture. Be prepared to lose that money if the business fails. Use money that you can afford to lose and will not affect your needs. Don't borrow money to fund your project if possible. But working online I know it will be necessary to use your credit card to get things going, but be sure to pay it back. If you have excel, setup a budget/accounting program.

#5 Be  realistic  regarding earnings

If you learn about a fabulous business opportunity that will make you so much money... don't believe the hype. Wait until tomorrow or the next day before you make your decision about the opportunity presented to you. If your presented with the opportunity to make extremely large amounts of money follow, decide if the claim is over stated. Don't think that you can wake up in the morning in your underwear, check your email and see you have made tons of sales, like they want you to believe. Think about what your real earning potential is going to be with your new business. Ask others what they think about it.

#6 Start small and make sure that this business is for you.

Find a small online business that you can start that has a product many people can use. With this new business, see how you like doing business on the internet. It's not for everybody. But if you like it and want to continue in your new found career, then invest more into your company. If you discover it was not for you, you did not lose too much.

#7 Automate your online business.

When everything is setup and ready to go, your online busines hopefully will be automatic. When a customer comes to your website, they make their purchase, credit card processor processes it, and if it is a digital product, it's delivered automatically! Otherwise you will have just a little work to do in shipping your product, check email, and make sure everything is running smoothly. There is even a software program that can answer emails automatically. The more automated your online business is, the more free time for you.

#8. Learn online marketing skills

Now when you are sure about getting serious about online marketing, you will need to improve your marketing skills. There is a lot to learn. Find out where you can market and use it to your best advantage. This includes the correct way to get listed in search engines, Google adwords, ezines and ezine advertising, email marketing and don't send spam. Learn to write articles and keep your website fresh, should help you in the search engines. Be ready to spend hours and hours learning all the techniques for online marketing. Use the easier techniques first.
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internet marketing,home business,home business resources,business opportunities,online business,internet business tips

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

How To Increase Website Sales and Traffic With Video Marketing

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Did you know that experts say that video gets three times the results as typical e-mail?

Traffic that you generate by creating a video is like planting a tree. Once you put it up it just keeps on giving and giving for years to come. It is not uncommon to see hundreds and thousand of daily hits from a video that you uploaded a year back.

The world's only software that can convert any plain-text article into a stunning marketing video with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over in just one single click!No camera or video editing required!

Create gorgeous marketing videos without a camera or video editing. Choose from half-a-dozen video styles to create highly engaging traffic pulling videos for YouTube.

Automatically submit your videos to 50+ video sharing and social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, etc with our bonus tool Video Submit Robot! No more waiting or uploading videos by hand. Let our software do it for you!


If you like to do everything on your phone or iPad, now you can also create article marketing videos on it too! Article Video Robot is fully HTML5 designed and runs on all mobile phones and devices. No messy download or app installations required.

People trust a video more when they see a face in it. For the first time in the history of video marketing, we have created a way for you to put readymade professional human intros and outros in your marketing videos. This enables viewer engagement and increase chances of conversion.

You need to optimize your videos just like you optimize your webpages to rank higher in the search. Using the bundled Video optimization tool, you can now analyze your video, get suggestions and scores to help your videos rank quickly in search results.

Professional voice-over can be as costly as $50 / minute, not to mention it can be really time consuming and difficult to sync. Article video robot generates the voice-over for you, using 7 extremely natural sounding human voices that narrate your articles.

We have included a $147 software which turns your passive viewers into active prospects. With our call-to-action video player you can capture leads, redirect traffic and insert call-to-action buttons during various parts of your video.


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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Staying Focused When Working From Home

One of the main areas people who have decided to work from home have difficulty is keeping themselves focused in their home business. The challenge people have is when they move from working in an office or retail environment where there time is managed by supervisors , opening and closing , and office hours etc. As employees their time is managed and every minute of every day has a task.
It is time to get focused and stay focused. To start, take a pad of paper and pen and map out your day and what it looks like today. Then underline all the areas that are not work related and put a time by these.Do not overwork yourself up if this is a big number, we are all human and we are going to look at ways we can keep focused.
An area that a large number of work at home people suffer with is where family, friends and relatives just pop into say hi and have a coffee. Normally they say we just thought you maybe lonely. This has to stop right away and you need to be very strict with this.
Now of course we all have emergencies - Pets, children, Family and Friends emergencies are different
Set yourself to-do lists and stick with them. Start at number one (the most important item) and then work through the list. There are some days when you will not complete the list. Do not beat yourself up, just add the items you could not do to the next days list. And as we know we need to write these lists up the night before, so in the morning we are ready to go.
Working in a well ventilated room, have a good supply of fresh air and natural sunlight as possible.
Drink plenty of liquids, fresh water, tea and coffee, but if possible water.
Take regular exercise and get up and have a stretch every thirty minutes, it is not good to sit at your computer day in and day out.
Give yourself an award when you hit a target or reach a goal. This will keep you motivated, and something to look forward to.
And also allow yourself a day off now and then, and do this during a working week. Why? Well you set up your own business for freedom, and there is nothing like going to the gym, spa, shopping and having a nice lunch with a loved one when everyone else is at work.
This will show the people who made fun of you for setting up a business that you are a success and have freedom.
So keep yourself focused, set yourself goals, write those to-do lists and then go for it.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Online Home Business On A Tight Budget

If you are looking to start a high-profit online home business without having to pay a high start-up costs, you should look no further than eBay. This is the ideal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs with limited budgets. People can sell their own wares or market the goods of other suppliers while earning substantial sums of money.

You can simply post products that are relevant to a specific niche on eBay. Then you can do advance payment for a third-party. The third-party will then fulfill the orders of every customer by using their cash to purchase the related products from different online supplies.

There is no need to spend any money of your own ever. All of the funds that are used to secure products are supplied by individual clients. It is also unnecessary to maintain inventory or look for storage space for the goods that are sold.

People will find that there are many other amazing benefits that they can gain by using eBay to build their own businesses. For instance, this is an incredibly well-known platform. People visit it all of the own time of their own volition. They do not need to be exposed to costly and strategic advertising or marketing campaigns in order to learn more about it. eBay has made itself a household name throughout the years and thus, many people already trust and rely on the services it supplies.

This platform eliminates the need for costly advertising so that starting a new endeavor up really is low in cost. Company owners do not have to worry about establishing trust with their targeted markets. This will come naturally given that buyers already trust this selling platform and know that there are many safety nets in place for protecting their best interests.

One common obstacle that people face when attempting to become online sellers is simply deciding what they will offer their markets. Moreover, these individuals will also need to learn how they will procure these things in a feasible and affordable fashion. These are other issues that do not exist with this type of business plan.

The best part of using a system like this one is simply the fact that the entire business plan is already in place for you. Prospective sellers do not need to have a lot of experience or a ton of resources. More importantly, once they have their seller profiles established, there is very little work that they need to do. Thus, this is one of the fastest ways to a considerable and truly passive source of income.

People have been looking for solid plans that will allow them to start a profitable online home business without having to invest a tremendous sum of cash. Choosing to sell on eBay is a way to go, since there is no need to build or maintain an inventory. All you have to do is create the seller profile and the system will do the rest of the work for you.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Choose the Right Business Opportunity for You

Conduct some straightforward internet research and you discover thousands plus of online business opportunities. The quality of of these opportunites range from GOOD to SCAM. Some of them have a high failure rate whereas others have proven to work with the right amount of effort.
When you are looking for a business opportunity that is based online, you are probably thinking about the chance to work at home. Yes, there are some definite advantages to work from home business's, but there is a lot of hard work to do to become successful. That is part of the reason why it is so important to choose the right business for you.
Choosing the business opportunity that is the most suitable for you means carefully considering a few things. Some of these include:
Does the business match your personal values?:
You should be able to look yourself each day and know that you following your values. The definition of this may be different with each person. Customers and clients generally prefer honesty. Find something that you can be honest with and know that you are offering something that you would be happy with.
What opportunity interests you:
There is little point in becoming involved in foot care products if you are in love with techno-gadgets. Follow your desires and try something that interests you!
What you are willing to give up:
There is always some sacrifice to starting a business. You may need to spend more time working or make an investment to ensure better success. Think about what you are willing to sacrifice and compare it to what you will have to give up for any particular opportunity that you may be interested in.
What your resources are:
Some online business opportunities require you to have some resources. Such things range from having a few hundred dollars on your credit card to work contacts, and various other things. In any case, you will need an internet connection and a computer at the very least. Think about what your resources are and what is affordable. in other worda create a budget and stick to it! Do not I repeat do not keep chasing the next shiny opportunity that pops up on the internet business scene.This will most definetly produce budget shortfalls and failure. Compare your realistic goals and budget to what the opportunities require. Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
These are just some of the aspects to consider when you are choosing an online business opportunity that is right for you. Yes, making money is usually a part of it. However, you need to be motivated to work and have what it takes to make the opportunity work for the long term in order to earn an income.Remember get rich schemes are just that Of course, you should also be sastified and proud of what you services or products you offer to others . This can make all your hard work worthwhile.
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Monday, June 22, 2015

How To Earn Money With a Website or Blog

# 1 - Your business idea
If you already have a business or a business idea, you can skip this step. If not, then spend some time writing a list of all the things that interest you. The chances of succeeding in your new business are far greater if you are doing something that you are passionate about. This way it won't feel like you are doing a job when you start spending time on this. Don't worry too much about a product at this point, just think about the things you like to do - perhaps you like cooking, or playing football, or foreign travel. Try to write down several things you enjoy.
# 2 - Research the Market and Competition
Once you have completed the first step, you need to find out if there is a market in the areas that you are interested in. At the same time you may want to avoid entering a market that is highly competitive. From my experience the best way to analyse this is by using a tool called Wordtracker @ Take note that the trial version only includes statistics from one search engineand not multiple.
Use this software as a brainstorming tool and type in your interests that you came up with in step 1 . Wordtracker will return related keywords, which you can then select and add to your "basket". It is best to keep an open mind and fill your basket with around Alot of keyword phrases. Finally you can do a "competitive analysis" on the keywords that you have chosen. This will allow you to see how many searches a day are done on a per search engine basis for each keyword phrase.
Ensure that you spend time in this planning phase, repeating the above process again and again until you have a good set of related keywords. Once you have chosen your keywords you should check out your competition by typing the keywords into Google and looking at top websites for each keyword phrase that you have selected. The Google and Alexa toolbars can help you with analysis of competing websites
# 3 - Choose a Product
If you don't already have a product in mind, the next step is to decide on your product or group of products. Before you do this, try to do some research and find out exactly what your potential customers are looking for. What sort of questions are they asking? Google Groups are an excellent place for doing this sort of research.
One solution is to join some affiliate programs that are related to your keywords . Affiliate programs are usually free to join and pay you a commission for customers from your site via a special affiliate link. You can find a lot of information about affiliate programs by searching for them on Google.
Another alternative is to sell your own product. This could be something that you have made yourself such as a craft item or an informative e-book, or a product that you dispatch using a drop shipping service. It is also possible to buy resell rights to e-books and software written by other people.
# 4 - Choose and Register a Domain name
The next stage is to decide on and register a domain name. There are many websites selling domain names and you should be able to get one easily for less than $10 per year. There is no need to sign up for a domain name with your web hosting company if they are charging more than this as domain names can be transferred easily between hosting companies.
Try to choose a domain name that has some of your keywords in it. It's also an advantage to have a name that is relatively short and easy to remember.
# 5 - Find a Web Hosting Company
There are hundreds of web hosting companies available. Some even provide hosting for free. I advise against using the free services if you are setting up a business, as this can look unprofessional, especially since most of them use advertising on your site as a way to recoup the cost. This is fine for a personal website, but if you are serious about making money you need to choose a reputable web hosting company.
Ensure that you are happy with the disk space and bandwidth allowances that your hosting company provides. Other things to consider are the customer support services, reliability in terms of the percentage of down time expected and the interface for uploading files. There are many websites that offer reviews and comparisons of different hosting packages.
# 6 - Build your Website
At last, you are now ready to start building your website. Many people skip the research stage and dive straight into this part, but your chances of success are much higher if you spend time on the research part first.
Depending on your knowledge and experience in this area you may decide to do this yourself, or pay for a web designer to do this for you. If you are doing it yourself, it helps to know HTML, but there are also many web page editors such as Front Page and Dreamweaver which you can use to construct your website with little or no knowledge of HTML.
Try to ensure that your site is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate and that it looks professional. Have someone proofread your copy to ensure that there are no mistakes. Also ensure that you use your keywords from your Wordtracker research in the title of your page, the headings and throughout your copy. Use one or two of your chosen keyword phrases per page and don't overdo the use of your keywords as search engines may consider this as SPAM.
# 7 - Market your Website
Finally you need to market your webpage. The build it and they will come theory just is not the case!Market,Market,Market
Internet marketing is a huge topic, out with the scope of this article. The sort of techniques that you may want to consider include reciprocal linking, writing and publishing articles, pay per click (PPC) advertising such as Google AdWords , classified and solo ads, participating in discussion forums that allow a signature in your postings and advertising on related websites.
These steps take a lot of time and work, but if you do your research and stick to the plan- you are likely to see good results.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Internet Business for Beginners


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If you're interested in making some extra money to pay off creditors or earn enough income to replace your current job or career then the Internet is the place where aspiring entrepreneurs are turning. Unlike traditional businesses, An Internet business can be started with virtually no capital, with the exception of your website expense. You have to have a website if you want to do business on the Internet...PERIOD.But there are also many free blog platforms available to help get you started
If you don't have your own product to advertise on your website, there are literally millions of affiliate programs on the Internet who do have products and will pay you commissions to sell their products from your website. You can choose to sell cell phones, or internet services, candles, furniture, or maybe insurance, the field is wide open. The affiliate program you choose will also handle all the money, shipping and correspondence with your customers. All you need to do is to generate the traffic to your new website in order to make the sale.
Often times the affiliate program you join will offer you free websites and that is great, but you will never generate enough free traffic to these affiliate sites to succeed without having your own website. Why you ask? For one, the search engines don't list affiliate sites and you definitely want to get listed in the search engines, this will be your biggest free traffic source.
The Internet was created to provide information, so if you want to succeed on the Internet and generate lots of free traffic, you are going to have to provide information on your website. Often times we do this by providing free information or articles on our website.
Offering free and useful information will keep your visitors coming back to your website, and the double bonus here is that the search engines love content. The more content your website has will produce better listings in the search engines.
Once you have perfected this process of building a website, getting listed in the search engines and have developed a huge traffic stream to your website, your going to be making sales. It will start out slow and as you build links and content, the traffic will grow and so will your sales.
As time goes by you will find that you have learned so much and have evolved into an Internet Guru and now it's time to take it one step farther, and start selling YOURSELF.
Using the knowledge that you have gained, you may want to venture into selling your services to other entrepreneurs just getting started. You could start a consulting business, or you may offer to build websites, or to help your clients get listed in the search engines. You may want to start writing E-Books and selling them. The possibilities are endless.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015



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Creating  goals

It's often said that you can't hit what you can't see; therefore,  to be successful you need to set goals of what you want to achieve. For example, you can set a goal of making $1,000 working from home.

By setting goals you will keep on remembering that you have something that you have to achieve and as a result you will work hard in your work.

Experts recommend that you should let someone else know about your goals and as a result you will work hard in order to avoid coming out as a loser.

Treat your home business like a real business

Many people tend to make the mistake of failing to treat their home business as a real business which often results to failure of the businesses. For you to be successful you need to get rid of this mentality and start treating your business like a business.

Here you need to set aside a real home office. You should also invest in the business by buying the right equipment. For example, you should buy a decent computer, a fax machine, extra phone lines and any other things that you need to run smoothly.

Planning your projected cash flow- in and out

Money is important as it allows you to stock new products for your customers, pay for your day to day operations, expand your operations, and offer great services for your clients.

Many people working from home tend to simply watch their cash flows, which is wrong. To be successful you need to change this mindset and start managing your money.

This means that you should stay on top of any money that gets in and gets out of your business. If there is anyone who owes you money, you should make an effort of contacting him/her and let him/her know that you need the money.

Charging what you are worth

Many people working from home often charge less than they are worth in order to keep their customers. To be successful you should ensure that you charge what you are really worth.

If you don't know how much you should charge for your services, you should do your research and find out how much other people are charging for the same services.

Monday, June 15, 2015



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Having numerous streams by which to earn is really a very clever strategy. By doing such you create endless possibilities and here in lays your position of power. In developing a home based business, there can be any range, combination, and/or number of income streams. Typically this concept will include affiliate marketing programs where advertising is key to actual earnings. Within this specific niche, as an example, there could be possibilities that have both tangible and also abstract products and services.

Then there are other opportunities that can be added as additional streams of income for your home business; as an example, you can consider offering services that you are skilled in. Without too much thought or planning you could end up with a fine selection of tools and ideas that for example, could certainly be used by various other home businesses and Internet marketing professionals. A one-stop fits-all site that you could be compensated by.

It really needs to impact on your mind that one of the primary reasons for having several streams of income is that if one product, service, or program is not performing too well, it won't matter as much if one of your other income streams is doing fine or better!

Nonetheless it might seem to be exceptionally expensive to imagine marketing and advertising for multiple business opportunities. That is why having some system to incorporate everything right into one is not just ingenious but most likely necessary! Just imagine if you had your very own site as a 'store-front', 'shopping center', and 'directory',

This would certainly not only reduce strenuous marketing and advertising cost but also substantially lower the investment capital. In addition the beauty of this is that you could make use of one thing to "upsell" another. When you have more aspects to your business, you have a lot more possibilities.

Home Based Business- 5 More Tips


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1. Choose the correct  Niche.

The niche, or industry marketplace, that you choose for your home based business is important. If you don't choose the right niche, it can mean the difference between success and failure. You need to look at the what you are good at, what interests you and what will keep you motivated.

2. Make sure there is a market for your products.

You may think that you have the best product or service but if there are not enough people around to buy it then you're not going to succeed. You can, of course, to put in the hard work required to create a market but is often a lot easier to serve an established market than to create one from scratch.

3. Stand out from your competition.

If you do supply to an existing market, you have to know why somebody should buy from your home based business, rather than from your competitors. The internet allows you to have a website design that can compete on a level playing field with larger organizations. If you just supply exactly the same as everybody else, it can be difficult to secure a place in the market. But if you create a new and interesting twist on an existing product or service it will help you to get the attention of potential customers.

4.  Know how to find customers.

If you've got a great service or product that delivers something different to good sized target audience you have to let them know that it is available. You need to know how to market your business, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and actually get customers to buy from you with a proven sales process.

5. Do not treat your Home biz as a hobby.

Managing a home based business requires time, work and resources. If you treat it like a hobby, that is exactly what it will be. You have to be prepare to work hard to achieve your objectives and appreciate that there is no such thing as a 'get rich quick' business. Sometimes things don't work out right on the first try. You have to be willing to try time and again until finally you do succeed.
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Home Business Startup Realities


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You want to be able to move in whatever direction you find is conducive to business. If the niche or market you have chosen is not showing any promise then at the very least you should have the ability to add additional products or services so as to fit into another niche. This is one reason why the 'multiple streams of income' concept is so wise. In that case the premise is that if one stream is not moving or has even dried up, it won't be as serious to your bottom line if you have others that may still be performing.

Whether you are talking about business opportunities (streams of income) or you are referring to your strategies and techniques (advertising and marketing), don't have any 'sacred cows'. Give things a fair chance and certainly if you have it on good authority that something is effective and has been recommended, really try to make it work over a period of time. If not then let it go and try something else.

Almost nothing in this life works instantly and a week or a month is certainly not enough time to really be able to give anything a fair chance. It is so ridiculous to hear people whine and cry after a week that they have 'tried everything' and 'spent X number of dollars' and nothing is working. They are just sure that something is wrong. What is wrong is their unrealistic fantasy mindset.

Just because something is on the Internet it does not mean that it will be effective instantly. It is true that starting an online business is 100's of times cheaper and faster than starting an offline business, but that is still not to say that effort and time and realistic thinking are not required. That is something that really needs to be realized and acknowledged.

No matter who you are listening to as far as how successful they are and how they are really enjoying their wealth and leisure, without any doubt this person had to pay his dues to accomplish anything, whether or not that is part of what he chooses to share with you. So get ready to work and always remember to 'get real'.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Success In a Home Business


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Running a home business is the dream of many who want to be free and independent. The Internet and computers have provided an opportunity for home business and it is becoming more and more prominent throughout the world. The ability to incorporate online marketing as a way to earn additional income, as wells as making it a full-time venture, is not only possible, but quickly becoming more of a reality for many people.

This kind of life can be very attractive. No more getting up early in the morning to endure the monotonous routine of fighting traffic, pressed for time, trying to avoid being late, simply to make a fixed hourly wage or set monthly salary. A large number of former employees have now come to the realization that they can be in control of their time and their income more proficiently by working for themselves from out of their home. This is a mutual dream among thousands, if not millions, who hope to make it all a reality.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be prosperous at running a home business venture. And don't imagine for a moment that operating your own business from home is going to be a cinch. It still takes determination, commitment, persistent effort and lots of time. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can get a lot of help (and a good portion of it free) on the Internet itself. If you are seriously determined to be able to make money from the coziness of your own home, then you will find a way to do it. It's just a matter of perseverance.

The most favorable home business programs that offer assistance in a well-documented support and training system also provides a network of fervent online marketers for support who openly want others to succeed just as much as they do. In case you are just starting out, some personal one-on-one help can get you headed down the right track. Your mentor would best be someone who has already stumbled through a series of mistakes and suffered the effects in order to be able to advise you what to avoid. Through the guidance of a coach or mentor, you will have a better chance at success. A lot of people start a home business venture without any kind of actual goal or purpose in mind. You'll need objectives, strategies and a tangible plan. A proven process will allow you to create a reliable blueprint and stick with its course.

You may invest lots of time and hard work in the beginning. Yet, in the event that everything works as planned, you will wind up with a business that works pretty much on its own, with very little input on behalf of you as the owner. Yet again, a support system is still a wise choice that will assist you in getting to this point.

Take into account that the entire world we currently live in offers incredible prospects for each of us, opportunities that didn't exist up until recently. There are an untold number of strategies to use in making money from home. You may even formulate a totally new way to do it. If so, many others will be eager to jump on your bandwagon!

You will discover a great number of methods to profit from a home business system right now. Modern technology has provided that. In the instance that you have a positive don't-give-up-mindset, take the time to build new skills and take any opportunity to work alongside a proven mentor, then you will to be well on your way.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Home Based Business Success Tips


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Thinking about starting a home-based business? Millions of people are. This could be the smartest thing you've done.... or the most stupid. It all depends on how you approach the matter.
FACT: The failure rate for home-based businesses is astronomical
FACT: Many of those starting home-based businesses do so not because they want to run a business at home, but rather because they want to be home and out of an office.
FACT: Too many people launching home-based businesses have done so with inadequate planning and consideration, with the result that they're simply another failure statistic waiting to happen.
Don't let this happen to you! Start planning your home- based business at least one-year in advance of your launch date
Because you're most vulnerable to failure in the early days of your home-based business, do what it takes to maximize early profit and success. This means rigorous, hard-headed planning... the very thing too many home-based business owners eschew.
1) Create a budget
How much money will you need to work at home? This is where a good, honest budget comes in.
You must factor in your salary, your health insurance (don't stint here), and all the usual costs of running any business. This is the moment for hard-headed realism. Towards this end, once you've finished your budget, multiply it by an additional 30%, this being a fund to cover all unforeseen and miscellaneous expenses. ONLY those who are realistic about all the costs of running a business stand any chance of success.
2) Look at what you intend to sell. How many units of this must you sell to cover your financial requirements?
Again, you must be entirely realistic here as you contemplate the number of sales you must make to profit.
3) Start diversifying at once
Successful businesses develop product lines; that is, they don't just sell one thing or another. They may start with a single product, of course, but as soon as possible they begin to add additional products to their repertoire, products which enable them to make multiple sales to their customers and develop a reliable, income-producing following.
4) Develop your prospect lists
As I have frequently said, "Your list is the business; the business is your list." Thus, you must start developing your all-important customer list right from the get-go... and you must NEVER stop developing it until the day you retire.
At this point you are well advised to consult a technician who can assist you in the set up and easy accessing of your list. It is money well spent since you will be working with this list every single day you're in business.
5) Work on your offers
What differentiates successful home-businesses from the also-rans? In a single word, "offers." Successful businesses make it a point to review offers from other companies (particularly competitors)... and improve them to facilitate more and faster sales.
Note: The whole point of making offers is to get people to respond faster than they would then if just the product or service was being sold alone. Towards this end you may well, in the first days of your home-based enterprise, make offers you may never make again. Remember, you are at your most vulnerable in your earliest days; prepare, then, to make (quite literally) "one-time only offers" during this period, in order to bring in much needed cash. There is nothing wrong about doing this to get off to a successful, cash-plenty start. But don't give away the ranch for too long!
6) Make arrangements with suppliers
If you are selling other people's products (and you probably will be doing at least some of this), start working with your suppliers as soon as possible. Gather all the information you need about them, including order details, contact names, email address, phone, fax, shipping requirements, etc. Make it a point to introduce yourself to supplier contacts and develop good business relations. These people are part of the essential network helping you get rich. Treat them accordingly.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Truth About Safelists


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A safelist is a simple system where people can join as either
a free member or a paid member. When you join you can
send emails to the list of members that are joined to the
safelist. By joining a safelist you are agreeing to receive
emails from other safelist members so you should NOT use
your main email address as you will receive a lot of emails.

Safelist myths busted

Myth - Safelists don’t work
Safelists are proven to work, and have been working for
years. You just need to know how to use safelists the correct
Myth – Nobody will see your ad or website
This is a common myth that gets passed on to new
marketers who are looking to use safelists as a way of
advertising. The truth is people will see your ad, and they
will click on your links inside your message.
There are methods that can greatly increase how well your
safelist ads perform, and we will go over these later on, but
never listen to someone who says your ads will not be seen
or you will not receive any visits to your website.

Myth – You need to buy a special email account
Some people think you need an email account that will clean
your inbox for you due to the amount of emails you will
receive. This is not true. These types of email accounts are a
complete waste of your time and money. 
I personally use Gmail for all my safelist email accounts.

Myth – The more safelists you join the better
A lot of people always think more is better. In some cases
that is true, but when it comes to safelists that isn’t the
The truth is not all safelists are going to be worth your time,
money, and energy. I personally only use about 10 safelists.
You want to look for quality safelists, and sometimes they
are not always the ones with the most members. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015



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Promise something good. If people know specifically what they’ll learn or how exactly you’ll make them happier, more informed, or better at business, they’ll be itching to read more.

Use power words. Sensory and emotional words attract attention, and make your subject lines stand out in crowded inboxes.

Use a number. Because digits — like 4 or 37 — stop wandering eyes.

Pique curiosity. Don’t be afraid to occasionally use bizarre words. Tickle the information gap, or violate the information gap. Your readers will be keen to find out more.

Point out common mistakes. Because nobody wants to be perceived as silly.

Quit cleverness. Simple, specific subject lines beat clever alternatives every time.

Experiment. Be a rebel and try something new. Dare to be different. You’ll be surprised by what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t sell before the prospect is ready. Become a friend and trusted source of information first; and your readers will more readily buy from you.

Highlight benefits. Don’t sell your product. Instead, sell the benefit it offers your customer.

Show what readers will miss. Most people are risk averse. They want to avoid inconveniences, glitches, and complications.

 Consider rephrasing the benefits of your offer as a problem you’ll help to avoid.

Don’t follow a strict formula. Because formulaic emails sound robotic and are boring as heck.

Work toward your aim. Tell interesting stories that lead to your sales message.

Present a clear deadline. It prevents people from procrastinating.

Insert multiple links (to the same page). Because it increases your chances of people clicking that link.

Have an impeccably clear call to action. Tell your readers exactly what you expect them to do next, and remind them why it’s in their best interest to buy.

Use the power of the PS. Remind people of a deadline. Or repeat what they stand to lose if they don’t take up your offer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


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Posting consistently can be a big help, not only in generating traffic, but also in making sure that visitors returns. If somebody subscribes to your channel, but they don’t see a new video for a month, they may unsubscribe.  Likewise, if you aren’t posting regularly, they won’t see your videos in their feeds. Aim for one video a week, and in a year, you’ll have 50 videos, which is a significant library.  In order to keep ahead of the game, try to have a few completed videos before you get started, and always be a couple weeks ahead.  Try not to batch post either.  It makes it hard to viewers to keep up, and irregular posts like that don’t usually help you generate followers.  Instead, spread your posts out.


You know the feeling.  Somebody posts a video on Facebook, you see it has a running time of more than eight minutes, and you think: maybe later.  Time is a huge factor, especially when you are just starting out.  If people don’t know who you are, they don’t want to invest ten minutes in your video. If you keep it under three minutes, though, people will be more likely to check the video out because it requires less of a commitment.  Once you’ve gotten a significant number of followers who trust your brand and look forward to your videos, then you can make them a little longer, but before then, be sure to keep it short.


Response videos are one of the most popular genre of videos on YouTube.  If you see a video that is taking off, record a quick response video sharing your thoughts, and upload it.  This will allow you to piggyback on the success of a trending video, and can get you some views of your own.  When doing this, it is important to be positive, and try to be funny and unique.  If you are paying a compliment to the video you are responding to, the user will be more likely to leave your video up, and if you add a funny twist to the video, people will be more likely to give your video a thumbs up or share it.


If you are just starting out, and you’ve put together a decent library, try reaching out to a YouTuber with a larger fan base and offer to do a collaboration with them.  If you have a skill that can be applied to another niche, try doing a cross over.  Maybe you are an artist and you can paint a car for a channel on classic cars.  This is a common practice.  The host of Six Pack Shortcuts, for instance, has done cross promotion self-help books, while comedians Key and Peele have guest hosted =3.  Of course, you don’t have to have 1 million followers for this to be beneficial.  Consider some creative ways to cross promote, and start contacting some fellow YouTubers.


If you have a product that people use, especially if it is something that they can create with, encourage them to share what they’ve done with it.  If you are simply offering your thoughts on sports, food, arts and entertainment, or gardening, ask people to share their thoughts, and then incorporate past comments in future posts.  This is not only a way to ensure engagement, but it is a great way to get people to share your video.  If you share something a user has submitted, they will be more likely to post it on their social media.  This is something that Screen Junkies has done with their Honest Trailers series, where they ask users to submit movies they’d like to see lampooned.  Make sure that you engage with the audience and solicit their participation so that they feel like they are part of the process and become invested.


I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen a video and noticed that there was nothing in the description box.  Including key words in your video is the best way to show up in search engines.  If you leave it blank, you are missing out on an opportunity to get your video noticed.  It also helps viewers to figure out what your video is about and if it is worth their time to even watch it. If a viewer isn’t sure whether or not your video is on the subject they want to hear about, they will likely pass you over.


This is tied closely with the idea of using the description box, but it goes beyond that.  If you have a website, you want to put a link to it in the description box, but you also want to make sure that you mention it in your video.  Tell viewers where to find the link, and make sure you mention your site at least a couple times during the video (but not too much).  If you have any logos, try to include them in the background images, and make sure that viewers who watch the video will know your name and the name of the company or website you are promoting.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

SEO Every Blog Should Have

In today’s blogging world, we have seen many blogs, and both new and old bloggers are very busy improving the visibility of their blogs on search engines so that they can get more organic traffic through SEO. Some of them are using premium and some are using free SEO plugin for this. Some of them are using combinations of plugins to improve their website SEO and some of them are building backlinks.

Yes, we all agree with this that these are also  essential parts of building a blog but they are of no use until your blog has good content, a good design and other basic things.
Doing search engine optimization for your blog is a little time consuming and it is a step by step process, you just have to focus on your blog with all dedication. Lots of bloggers achieve their goals in terms of traffic but they may not be giving enough attention to other parts of their website or blog so to speak. So, today we are going to tell you some of the buildings blocks of a blog which are essential to our sites.

1. Author Biography
Author biography is must because most readers check the author bio after reading the content. We have seen many websites in which there is no gravatar image as well as no author bio. Having an author bio is a must to get the author popularity in Search Engine as well as in the blogging world. Google Authorship must also be implemented.

2. Archives
Many people like to see the archives of the blog first before reading the content. I also do so because some people analyze the website first trying to determine when the website wass started, how many posts got published in the previous month and how many posts the site turns out in a week. By seeing the archives, we can see the performance of a website and a lot of readers want to see this.

3. Footer
The Footer is also one of the main things for a blog. For a professional looking blog, we can mention certain of things like latest post, top comments, most visited post, about author box, Alexa Rank widgets etc.

4. Search Box
Search box helps your visitors to search the content on your site for that which they are looking for. You can place search box either in header of the site or at the top-right corner where it is clearly visible.
We recommend you to place the search box at the top.

5. About me (Page)
This page  is definitely visited by many your readers and bloggers like you. We even visit the about me page to know the background of a site and the owner. This page helps to inspire the other bloggers and it helps your readers to know you better. It’s important to create a good about me page by sharing your views regarding your life and your website.

6. Contact Me (page)
This is also one of the important page which is required in the website. Sometimes, a reader wants to give you a suggestion or an advertiser wants to publish his or her ads on your website and the absence of an about page clearly states you don’t want to be contacted. Apart from having your email on this page, having a contact form on there is advised.

7. RSS feed
Some of your readers like your content and want to know about the most recent updates so they can subscribe to it. For this reason, RSS Feed is must.

8. Share buttons
Many times, readers like your content and they just want to share it. For this reason, sharing buttons after each post is a must. It can’t be disputed that social media brings lots of traffic to a website. This is one of the best way you can promote your business or blog.
Also, people should be able to connect with your on social networks and a Facebook like box with a Twitter follow button is important.

9. Readable Fonts
The font format used for articles on your blog must be readable. Don’t use too much fancy type fonts, it shouldn’t be too small, it must be big and readable but not ridiculously large. Moderation is the keyword.

10. Related posts
What do you expect readers to do when they finish reading an article? Close the tab? No, there should be related posts below each post as this keeps your readers engaged on your blog and reduce bounce rate.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Get Started With Traffic Marketplace!

Traffic Marketplace is a completely innovative Traffic Exchange site that shares 97% of traffic and 95% of earnings between members.
We are the first site of this kind that has combined online business with Traffic Exchange.
So as an active member you will not have the headache of script, programmer, payment processor fees, promo materials etc.
The only part you need to do is the promotion. The bigger your team is, the more credits and earnings you will receive. As a traffic exchange site owner you will have just 2kinds of earnings:
1. Sale of credits from member surfing
2. Sale of advertising space (start pages and banner impressions)

As a member of Traffic Marketplace you have 6 ways of earning credits and money. Now I will explain them one by one:
1. Circle pool
To understand this part you need to know how we share traffic between members. When you surf 10 sites credits are shared this way: 40%= 4 credits are yours 40%= 4 credits go to credit pool, to be shared between the most active members 10%= 1 credit go to your referrer 5%= 0.5 credit go as a start up bonus to new registered member 5%= 0.5 credit go to admin If you are a PRO member everything is the same, just admin don’t have 5%. You have 5% surfing credits from your indirect referrals.
Circle pool is a kind of forced matrix for traffic. You will get members in your circle pool from spillover, but you can’t base your business on it. So you need to do your own promotion, as you have opened your own Traffic Exchange site. All the members you get in your circle pool will earn you additional credits. To be qualified for circle pool bonus credits, you need to surf 100 sites weekly. When any new member joins, he gets a position in the circle pool automatically.
Will they be in your downline or someone else depending on the first empty space in circle pool. When your circle pool is full with members you can get 77756 credits from it. So you will surf just 100 sites and get 77756 credits for promotion of your sites.

2. Credits from referral surfing
Like some other traffic exchange sites we are giving this as a gift for promotional efforts.

 As a FREE member you will have 10% of surfing credits from your direct referral surf. So if your referral surfs 100 sites you will get 10 credits to promote your sites. As a PRO member you have 10% of surfing credits from your direct referrals surf + 5% from indirect (second line) referrals surf

3. Fast start bonus
Even as a FREE member you can make a nice sum of money from promotion. Fast start bonus is explained in this video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO So even if you don’t want to pay anything on Traffic Marketplace site, you have option to earn money by your promotional efforts. This is just an example how much can be made with this bonus: In less than 2 months using just TE sites from „Free promotion“ page, I have 233+471+1007=1711 referrals in the first three depths of my downline. When anyone of them decides to take PRO membership that is a one dollar earning. If all decide to become a PRO member, that is 1711$.You can promote your Traffic Marketplace referral link in many different ways: through your site, blog, on forums, PTC and TE sites, with your e-mail list, by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest... Once again- you can be a FREE member without any investing and you will earn money from your fast start bonus, when anyone in the first three depths of your downline upgrades to PRO.

4. Sale of credits
In version 2 of the site, PRO members will have the option to sell their credits. The same as any TE site owner is doing. The price for credits will be 1000 credits for 1$. That is a great price for real traffic and real site views. Other good TE sites offer traffic that is 5-10 times more expensive. There are some sites that offer cheaper traffic, but use bots instead of real views. So the buyers don’t have real results with campaigns. To sell the credits PRO members-Affiliates will need to promote their sales pages. As a site, we will do our best to attract the attention of buyers, but we can’t guarantee that we can sell all the traffic PRO members will offer.

 5. Company revenue
Like any other traffic exchange site, our company makes money from traffic sales packages and PRO membership payments. But even in this case we are sharing 95% of earnings between the members. Free members make money only with fast start bonus. PRO members have fast start bonus plus revenue share from company. How much traffic we will sell and how much members will decide to become PRO we don’t know. So the PRO members can consider this part as bonus earnings.

 6. Percent from downline sales
 If you are a PRO member you have earnings from company sale packages. When your direct or indirect members buy an advertising package, you will earn 5% from each sale.

If you are tired of scam businesses and you want to put effort into a business that will last for a long time, you are in the right place. Like any other real business Traffic Marketplace will take some time to build your team and to see results. As you have seen we have lots of features that nobody else has. Even FREE members can make nice sums by promotion (not a few cents like on other sites). So spend some of your time for promotion and enjoy it in the years to come!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

#TSU is a free social network platform that shares up to 90% of revenue with users

What is Tsu?
TSU is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenue with their users.
(TSU pronounced "Sue")
How is Tsu different?
1. Ownership - We believe that the real estate that exists only in the event that users own the rights to their content and the economy that comes  with it. Users should be compensated for their appearance, image and content. It's easy, and it's something that needs to be done.
How does tsá¿¡ work?
Tsu shared social benefits that come from third-party ads, sponsorships and partnerships. Once the economy has been created, Tsu receives 10% to maintain the platform. Half of the remaining proceeds are paid to the user who created the content. The second half of the remaining proceeds are applied to the user's network Genealogical tree. Members of TSU monetize their content and network indefinitely, which continues to grow with the community.
So what are you waiting for, sign up here:REGISTER FREE and START EARNING TODAY for doing the same thing you do on facebook!!