Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 Important Tips For Starting An Internet Business

#1 You will not get rich quick.

Do not believe what you read in the hyped up websites and sales copy that are trying to sell you a business opportunity of some sort, it will take time to sell your product or service. Your customers need to find you, so make sure you have a plan so that they find you. When  they are interested in your offer, make sure it is persuasive and you have credibility. Fill your pipeline, keep advertising and know that it will take time to get the sales rolling in. Once the sales start coming in continue your marketing campaign. Just like the saying goes a force in motion, remains in motion!

#2 Setting up your website might be time consuming

If you have to create a website, you will have to learn html, find a web host and use templates to create your website. To save time (but not money) you could contact a web designer to build the website for you. Otherwise get ready to learn a new skill, like I did. The good news is it to less than a week for me to learn the basics and get a website going. There are many web hosts that offer website templates. Just fill in your info. But, what are you going to say? I recommend that you write out your web design on paper or in microsoft word. Then fill in your template. Have your friends and family check it out to make sure it looks ok. Then publish and your in business.

#3 Does the affiliate program provide your considering provide a free website?

Your in luck if they do. Now it is just a matter of marketing. Double check with the person in charge of your affiliate program to see if there might be a hosting fee in the future. With affiliate programs I suggest you learn about cloaking your affiliate URL. This will protect your profits. You can learn about cloaking by search the term in Google. If your an experienced webmaster ask if you can customize you affiliate website. Sometimes, depending on the program, they will not tell you about that.

#4 Set up a budget.

Know up front how much you are prepared to invest in your online business venture. Be prepared to lose that money if the business fails. Use money that you can afford to lose and will not affect your needs. Don't borrow money to fund your project if possible. But working online I know it will be necessary to use your credit card to get things going, but be sure to pay it back. If you have excel, setup a budget/accounting program.

#5 Be  realistic  regarding earnings

If you learn about a fabulous business opportunity that will make you so much money... don't believe the hype. Wait until tomorrow or the next day before you make your decision about the opportunity presented to you. If your presented with the opportunity to make extremely large amounts of money follow, decide if the claim is over stated. Don't think that you can wake up in the morning in your underwear, check your email and see you have made tons of sales, like they want you to believe. Think about what your real earning potential is going to be with your new business. Ask others what they think about it.

#6 Start small and make sure that this business is for you.

Find a small online business that you can start that has a product many people can use. With this new business, see how you like doing business on the internet. It's not for everybody. But if you like it and want to continue in your new found career, then invest more into your company. If you discover it was not for you, you did not lose too much.

#7 Automate your online business.

When everything is setup and ready to go, your online busines hopefully will be automatic. When a customer comes to your website, they make their purchase, credit card processor processes it, and if it is a digital product, it's delivered automatically! Otherwise you will have just a little work to do in shipping your product, check email, and make sure everything is running smoothly. There is even a software program that can answer emails automatically. The more automated your online business is, the more free time for you.

#8. Learn online marketing skills

Now when you are sure about getting serious about online marketing, you will need to improve your marketing skills. There is a lot to learn. Find out where you can market and use it to your best advantage. This includes the correct way to get listed in search engines, Google adwords, ezines and ezine advertising, email marketing and don't send spam. Learn to write articles and keep your website fresh, should help you in the search engines. Be ready to spend hours and hours learning all the techniques for online marketing. Use the easier techniques first.
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