Friday, June 12, 2015

The Truth About Safelists


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A safelist is a simple system where people can join as either
a free member or a paid member. When you join you can
send emails to the list of members that are joined to the
safelist. By joining a safelist you are agreeing to receive
emails from other safelist members so you should NOT use
your main email address as you will receive a lot of emails.

Safelist myths busted

Myth - Safelists don’t work
Safelists are proven to work, and have been working for
years. You just need to know how to use safelists the correct
Myth – Nobody will see your ad or website
This is a common myth that gets passed on to new
marketers who are looking to use safelists as a way of
advertising. The truth is people will see your ad, and they
will click on your links inside your message.
There are methods that can greatly increase how well your
safelist ads perform, and we will go over these later on, but
never listen to someone who says your ads will not be seen
or you will not receive any visits to your website.

Myth – You need to buy a special email account
Some people think you need an email account that will clean
your inbox for you due to the amount of emails you will
receive. This is not true. These types of email accounts are a
complete waste of your time and money. 
I personally use Gmail for all my safelist email accounts.

Myth – The more safelists you join the better
A lot of people always think more is better. In some cases
that is true, but when it comes to safelists that isn’t the
The truth is not all safelists are going to be worth your time,
money, and energy. I personally only use about 10 safelists.
You want to look for quality safelists, and sometimes they
are not always the ones with the most members. 
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