Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 X100K Matrix System Review
  I am excited to share this Awesome opportunity with you, as everyone who has purchased a Pro position is already earning, including myself. I don’t believe in promote an opportunity unless I am earning in that opportunity myself.
  I am writing this X100K Matrix System review especially for newbies who are looking for a way of earning money without any experience.
  This is definitely not a scam like so many so called opportunities out there and I urge you to do your due diligence.
  I totally understand your fear of cyclers. I have joined them only to have them stall and leave you with disappointment and failure. When I hear cycler, I usually run the other way.
  Well let me introduce you to Michael Weber, a mathematical genius and a trendsetter with the ability and knowledge to create a sustainable model.
  His first successful cycler, Xtreme Cash Box, is alive and well and running strong.
With that success under his belt, his latest cutting-edge opportunity being called “The Next Big Thing”, is creating excitement and sweeping the internet is changing the way cyclers work.
  X100K Matrix System has been designed to create an income for you for a lifetime. You really owe it to yourself to take a look.
  Amazingly, X100K Matrix System fits everyone’s budget. Even if you are flat broke, you can earn an entry just by joining for FREE and logging in.

If you are a free member, you will earn .02 cents a day.
 When you have earned .50 cents you can purchase a Free Way Matrix position. How is that for no money out of your pocket?

Remember, I said this will fit everyone’s budget? Here are the available positions.

Free Member -$0


Earn 0.50 By Logging in 25 days!

Then Purchase a Free Way Matrix Position!

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

Total: FREE! Earn enough to Purchase a Positions every 25 days you log in!

Pro Starter -$7.00


Your First Weeks Subscription

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

Total: $7.00 For Deposit. Your subscription is $7.00 per week.

Pro Affiliate -$32.50


The Smart Plan, to Earn $100,000.. Be in the X100K $100,000 Matrix

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

• $25.00    =1 X100K $100,000 Matrix Position

Total: $32.50 For Deposit. Your Subscription is $7.00 per week.

Pro Marketer -$105.00
1 Entry to All Matrix’

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Position

• $7.00      =1 Pro Membership Subscription

• $72.50    =1 Pro Membership Matrix -Scavenger Position

• $25.00    =1 X100K $100,000 Matrix Position

Total: $105.00 For Deposit. Your subscription is $7.00 per week

Max Purchase Pro -$411.50
Maximum 1 Day Purchase to All Matrix’

• $0.50      =1 Free Way Matrix Positions

• $21.00    =3 Pro Membership Subscriptions

• $290.00  =4 Pro Membership Matrix -Scavenger Positions

• $100.00  =4 X100K $100,000 Matrix Positions

Total: $411.50 For Deposit. All Subscriptions are $7.00 each per week.

  Pro Positions are for life. Once you have signed up for $7.00 a week, you are a pro member forever. Even if you don’t pay your subscription, the position stays in place and earns on it’s own…it will cover your subscription automatically.
  Your subscription will ALWAYS be covered with earnings, and positions that never end assuring the system will always keep moving.
  Multiple Positions: Re-entries upon matrix filling keeps providing additional new positions for every member. This means that actual matrix positions will far outnumber the member count…an ingenious idea, which is the first of its kind.
  Michael Weber’s brainchild – the RRS retention system, has many other features in place that will keep X100K Matrix System running smoothly for years to come and will provide an unbelievable life income for it’s members.
  Believe me you will be kicking yourself if you don’t take advantage of this one!

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